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    GEAR The advanced protein delivery system And Nutrition octane booster
    Protein is one of the best – and worst – understood macronutrients in the bodybuilding world. Every bodybuilder knows they need at least a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, but very little is understood about the quality of protein. That’s like telling someone they need to drive 100 miles to get to your house, but not telling them what direction! Proteins are just long chains built up from “links” of various individual amino acids. Some of
    those links are like titanium: essential amino acids. Other links are more like regular old iron: non-essential amino acids. .Joining two amino acids together
    with each other forms a dipeptide, three joined togetherform a tripeptide, etc…Once we get 50 amino acids all joined together, we have a protein – the
    chain made from all of the little links.

    If we were making a chain, we want it to be strong, right? In fact, if we could, we’d want to make the entire chain from titanium. Well, it’s the same when we look at a chain of amino acids…we want it to be made from high quality links. This is because the ratio of one amino acid to another determines the overall quality (or strength) of the chain. The highest quality, most anabolic protein sources all have an amino acid chain that is most
    closely associated with natural human protein.

    Gear is advanced protein delivery system And Nutrition octane booster. When you take 2-4 capsules of Gear with your meals, it not only provides you with valuable, high quality aminos, serum proteins, and fractionated whey, it also provides you with the bioactive enzymes your body needs to convert that protein into muscle. It’s like taking a pill that turns every meal into a high-quality protein shake!

    Once in the body, protein is broken back down into smaller peptides (dipeptides, tripeptides, etc…) and individual amino acids in the gastrointestinal tract, after which they’re sent to the liver, kidney and eventually the blood, thereby raising blood plasma levels of amino acids – and when those get high enough, we see increased protein synthesis, which results in the accrual of muscle tissue. This is an anabolic effect – the
    building up of new muscle tissue. As you can see, that the processing and digestion (breaking down) of proteins back into aminos is very important. If you’re not digesting your protein, then your body isn’t going to use it - which is exactly why we at ********************* formulated Gear with loads of high quality digestive enzymes, like Aminogen and Bromelein.

    GEAR uses a concentrated form of protein that is both ENLARGED and FRACTIONED. In other words, each amino molecule not only encompasses more space, it’s split into “micro molecules” which essentially increases the bio-availability ten-fold! A single gram of protein become more like TEN grams of amino acids! On top of this gear uses the power of super plasma blood serum protein.

    super plasma blood serum protein, Studies have shown that test animals fed a comparable calorie diet with Super Plasma Serum grew an average of 20% LARGER than those on a diet without it. How can that be? Because Super Plasma Serum is the protein that already exists in the blood plasma. It’s instantly recognized as “useable”. It’s like adding blood to your blood, there’s no conversion -- whatever you add is “more”. That’s what happens with Super Plasma Serum. It’s essentially instant muscle! And since the actual amino molecule of SPS is FOUR TIMES LARGER than that of meat, egg or whey protein it can be dispersed over a greater area of the intestines, allowing for maximum nitrogen dispersion. The extraordinary growth potential from Super Plasma Serum may also be due to the fact that it contains the highest IGF-1 level of any natural food source. This is the closest thing to actual “injectable aminos”, which the pros have been using for years, BUT AT A FRACTION OF THE COST. Super Plasma Protein is protein isolate and made from hydrolyzed beef plasma. Because of its high concentration of bioactive proteins, peptides, and potent amino acid profile, this protein has been used to increase growth in multiple animal studies.

    When we look at proteins, we want to make sure the chains are made from as many high quality links as possible, because once the protein is in your body, your body breaks it back down into those same links, and uses it to produce more muscle. Proteins are in a constant state of synthesis, being built up and broken down. And if you’re breaking them down at an accelerated rate, with intense weight training, you need to replenish them at
    an increased rate as well. But when you go to the local hardware
    store to buy a chain, you can ask them how strong it is (its tensile strength).
    This tells you how much pressure the chain can take before it snaps. But try
    going to a restaurant and asking about the amino acid chains in their chicken
    cordon blue. They’ll look at you like you’re crazy! Most bodybuilders can
    rattle off the exact amount of protein in a glass of milk or a 6 oz. steak, but they have no idea about the quality of that protein or the rate at which there body will absorb this protein. That’s a huge mistake, and it’s like buying a chain without knowing what it’s made of. Who cares if it’s 50 feet long, if it’s made of paper?

    Scientists have figured out a way to measure protein quality, just like they’ve figured out ways to figure out how strong different metals are. Protein Efficiency Ratio, or P.E. R. was one of the earliest ways they used to gauge the quality of various proteins. It was based on dividing body mass gains versus the amount of ingested protein: As you might expect milk protein rates very highly, while corn, oats and other plant sourced
    proteins rank poorly.

    Biological Value (B.V.) is another method used for determining the quality of various proteins. This method basically looks at the amount of protein consumed versus the amount excreted, with the logic that the rest of the protein is being retained by the body.As you probably expect, milk is ranked very highly in this system as well, while corn,potatoes and wheat are still ranked poorly.

    Hold your jaw in place as you read what you are about to feast your eyes on. CHICKEN BLOOD PLASMA PROTEINS: PHYSICOCHEMICAL, NUTRITIONAL AND FUNCTIONAL PROPERTIES - RIO DE REYS - 2006 - Journal of Food Science - Wiley Online Library .

    I have attached the pdf file of the complete study for the hard core gear heads, however its simple enough for anyone to understand what they are looking at. Blood serum proteins have a Digestibility above 90% and a protein efficiency ratio (PER) of 2.8! . THE HIGHEST SCORE EVER. In fact off the charts. But the power of blood serum protein does not stop there. Read the next part.

    "Addition of plasma to wheat flour for bread making at 2.5 and 5% levels raised the PER of bread from 0.87 to 1.67 and 2.02, respectively."

    EXACTLY!!!!!! It just hit you didn't it? The fun is not over.

    The problem with BV is that it doesn’t tell us how much of that protein is being digested adequately, only that it’s not being excreted. It also doesn’t tell us Neither of these two protein measurement systems are widely used any longer, because they’ve given way to another measure of protein quality, known as the protein-digestibility amino acid score (PCDAAS). This is the most accurate method of ranking various proteins, and it’s the one
    currently being used by scientists and doctors. This score ranks the essential amino acid content of various proteins and compares them with amino acid requirements in humans.The amino acid that is represented most poorly is found to be the limiting amino acid (the weakest link of our chain), and that system ultimately determines which protein sources provide the most abundant supply of amino acids that match human protein needs. And
    of course, this isn’t just science, it’s what we see in the real world too, isn’t it. How many people get huge by eating wheat protein? Nobody. As you can see from this chart, the stuff that ranks the most highly is the stuff that makes all of the top bodybuilders huge –whey protein, beef, eggs, and milk:

    But now what? What about when we add gear? Now you get huge of everything!

    Of course, nobody eats a meal of just one food, right? People combine their foods at meal time, and if they’re smart about it, they can make some of those poor quality proteins into better ones. This is why we always see vegetarians combining certain plant-based foods; rice and beans, for example. Rice is deficient in several aminos that beans have in abundance. The amino acid profile in one of the foods is lacking, and the aminos from the
    other food makes up for it. This strategy of combining foods is exactly what we’re doing with Gear, from – we’ve included Branched Chain Amino Acids as well asamino rich superfoods like Super Plasma Protein, a protein isolate made from hydrolyzed blood plasma proteins.

    This strategy of combining foods is exactly what we’re doing with Gear, from

    With Gear, you can have a peanut butter sandwich, which isn’t a great source of quality protein, and the digestive enzymes will insure that you’re processing every single gram, and the BCAAs, Super Plasma Protein, and Whey Protein Isolates will “fill in” the missing aminos. It’s like every peanut butter sandwich, every slice of pizza, and every piece of French toast becomes a whey protein shake! Unfortunately, a banana split is always going to have a lot of fat and sugar, but with Gear, at least it’ll also have a lot of
    high quality protein as well.

    So we basically need two things from our proteins:
    1. We need to be able to process these proteins and break them down into amino acids, i.e. we need them to be digestible.
    2. We need to have the proper amino acid ratio, i.e. we don’t want to be limited by missing aminos.

    And that’s really it. When we talk about protein quality, we’re really only saying that they have a proper amino acid profile, and to be digestible. And when we talk about Gear, we’re talking about making everything you eat into a high quality, easily digestible, source of protein!

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    LOVE me some Gear

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    I like all kinds of gear.

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