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    HGH - how long does it take for IGF-1 levels to raise significantly?
    I'm curious how long it takes for IGF-1 levels to raise significantly when taking HGH? Lets say I have a igf-1 baseline of 200. How long until I get to 300 or 400?

    If it depends on hgh dosing, lets say 5ed or 10eod.


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    Some info from DatBtrue

    doesn't state the baseline though
    From the chart in post #7 of my thread on page 1 in the study "Pharmacokinetics and Metabolic Effects of High-Dose Growth Hormone Administration in Healthy Adult Men", Toshiaki Tanaka, et al., Endocrine Journal 1999, 46 (4), 605-612, where fifteen healthy normal Japanese adult males aged from 20 to 27 years were administered various doses of recombinant GH (Norditropin) we find that:

    .075iu/kg (7.5iu in a 100kg man) generated about 300ng/ml by the end of the day.

    .15iu/kg (15iu in a 100kg man) generated about 380ng/ml by the end of the day.

    .30iu/kg (30iu in a 100kg man) generated about 420ng/ml by the end of the day.

    Note that these were normal Japanese men in their 20's. They probably weighed on average 75 kilos so those GH dosing amounts would have in actuality been about 25% less... between about 5iu & 22iu.

    This should give you an idea.

    Edit: Just a quick basic summary of that graph, with a baseline of IGF ~200, while taking around 5-6IU ED (0.075iu/kg), will raise your serum IGF to ~300 ng/ml by day 2; then increasing to roughly 4-500ng/ml (by day 3-5) at which point will reach saturation/constant peak (day 6-8+) at that constant 5-6 IU ED dose.

    (I'm not an expert)
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    Thanks for the good reply.

    I do not take credit for the information below. I took it from another forum and found it to be very informative.
    I will be the first to respond here. And this is straight medical facts which is irrelevant of what brand of HGH we use. In the medical field we use HGH for a few reasons main ones being Short Stature, Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency and Turner Syndrome along with a few other ones but those three are the main ones. Now you have to realize that since we prescribe pharm grade HGH the question is never whether the HGH is real or not. That does not even enter a practitioners mind. So 95% testing we do is IGF. Kids and adults that are put on HGH are started at a said dosage such as 0.3 to 0.7mg/kg per week divided in seven equal doses. We always start on the low end and at the 30 day mark check IGF level to see how the patient's body is responding to that HGH and adjust dosage up and down from there.

    For this purpose all we care about is IGF-1 numbers. That is all. Obviously it is dose related and the higher the dose the higher the IGF-1 but one kid may have a higher efficiency due to several factors to convert those HGH to IGF-1. We never test serum HGH on most of these patients because it does not tell us anything.

    About the only time we actually test serum HGH is when we are actually trying to determine if a "natural" patient whether a kid or adult is growth hormone deficient and where the possible cause of problem lies within the endocrine system. So we will do a Growth Hormone stimulation test to see if the persons body itself has the capability to produce growth hormone when stimulated. We of course also test the IGF-1 but it gives us a better combined answer.

    In the case of using non-pharm grade HGH when the concern always is whether it is legit changes things completely. Now IGF-1 still can be used and when the numbers are out of the ball park then there is no question that the product is legit or not. But lets say, you yourself. If you were using product A and after 2-3 weeks of steady usage, your IGF came at 600 then we can say 100% that product is legit. If it came at 800 we can say the same thing. We know that IGF-1 depending on diet, amount of exercise performed in the last 24 hours will vary 10-15%. But whether your test came at 700 or 770, or 630 makes no difference to us cause it tells the same story.

    Now if you switched to brand B, and you did not change anything as far as gear etc and after 2-3 weeks of same dosage your IGF came at 375, what does that tell us? Well you are still out or normal range and high, but now 50% less than previous product. This now makes us question whether are you down 50% just because your IGF is trending down slowly as it does cause you are on NOTHING or product B is not as pure or does not contain as much as "good" HGH for your body to convert to IGF-1.

    Or lets say hell you didnt want to wait 2-3 weeks for your body to convert HGH to IGF-1 and are wondering if the product you are using is legit right now. This is where serum HGH comes in. It is a very specific test and it tests for protein that is 22k daltons, the exact same weight molecule that a lab would look for during a full analysis. Normal range of serum HGH in most labs is 0.1-2.9 let say. Many studies show that a single injection of 1.5mg of HGH (4iu) should put your serum HGH way way above normal range usually 10-20.

    So if you like some people inject 8-10iu and test 3 hours later as it should be done and your serum HGH comes within normal range, that pretty much 100% proves that said product you are holding in your hands is no good. Does not mean the next person or another person didnt get a good batch. Just guarantees that there is no way your serum HGH could come that low. Period. I will only speak of the positive ones as example. Osiris did 10iu of Serostim and 3 hours later his serum HGH came at 38.0. Discohornet did 10iu of Rips and did serum HGH three hours later and it came at 50.0. Do we have any question that there is HGH in there? Heck no.

    One of the reasons that people in the past have not gotten testing unfortunately is lack of knowledge. Many are afraid to walk in to a doctor office or lab and ask for specific tests. People still ask to this day which lab they should do, and how many hours after injection, and this and that. Most people still dont know that you can go to a place like privatemdlabs and just order labs and keep it private.

    I do believe that if you and the mods thru your own measures find a group of members that you trust to do some testing it may be a lot cheaper than $800 lab analysis. Remember that lab analysis is as good as the time you tested it. If the source switches products or product goes bad, we cant rely on a lab analysis that was done months ago. Even though i work with certain sponsors here on this site, i was one of the first ones to blow the whistle on the Kigs. And the same sponsor i am affiliated with carries Kigs. I am currently on the end of week 2 of the IP Grey tops and will test monday and will post results with a mods approval. And if they are bad, it is what it is and again the same sponsor i am affiliated with carries IP Greys. That should prove that i am not trying to boost any one's sale. I just like members that work hard for their money to make sure they are getting legit shit. I have never seen an industry anywhere that screws their customers over and over like the bodybuilding industry.

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    Hello Kamikaze,

    I have sent you a friendship request. I could use some help and need to take the question off the big board. I am 32 years old and recently diagnosed with viral induced neuropathy (damage of the sensory nerves in my spine). Recently, research has been release that HGH can help with nerve healing. And my question is...

    I tried to send you a private message but I keep getting an error message telling me that I do not have permission to do so. I need to ask the above question, so please friend me and maybe it will help.

    Thanks in advance

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