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    Article about MT-2
    I just read an article about MT2 in the new Muscular Development Mag today and explained that MT2 is not only beneficial to tanning but also to ED and Fat Loss.

    The one thing I noticed was that they make no mention of this drug as being an injection based, but as a nasal spray only. I have heard about the nasal spray version of MT2 before but most people just say it is a scam. Apparently it is not and I am wondering if this is the direction this stuff needs to go in order to some day be FDA approved. And where the hell can I get sum?

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    You may want to consider that another similar melanocortin agonist peptide, bremelanotide PT-141 quit nasal spray research in favor of precision/careful mcg measurement for potent aphrodisiacs. Nasal spray is haphazard, unpleasant & inconsistent experience - nothing worth guinea-pigging or recommending to loved ones (imo). Anyone who cannot figure how to create an OTC nasal spray should likely slow down and not purchase anyhow (from websites often illegally marketing the for human nasal-spray)

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    I don't know about the nasal spray, I wouldn't count on it being as affective. LabPE has some very potent mt2. It does indeed help with erections and libido too.

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    indeed im about to start using MT1, ive used mt2 before and it indeed has effects on ones libido haha

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    MT2 ... never living another day without it - I burn easier than gasoline, and when i burn i fuckin burnnnnn , blisters across the whole face its unreal. At 3mcg's every other day i was darker than an indian lol... im 100% white and this shit did wonders ... Women noticed it too, i was all of a sudden a good looking guy. And the Best part of MT2 is it gets rid of all roseca ... genically i had a lot. Bad part i got a bunch of freckles, but wernt a big deal just annoying.

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