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    does anyone know about or use this that can give me some info ive been reading on it and want to add it to my peptide list first question is it safe to run with ghrp type peps as well as the cjc no dac? and two the the dose is 5 mgs one ml correct could i up the dose if i dont feel or see results and what would be a decent dosing protocol eg like once a day before or after meals/workouts? from it i just wanna see if i can mix these three without dying is all lol and maybe talk to someone who has done all three of these and i was gonna try to go through extreme peptides or great white to get these to save 20-40 bucks anything but unique or r.. i wont buy from these unless i absolutely have to i have dealt with extreme but which place would be better to buy GW-501516 from? maybe feedback from someone who has bought from them on this product the ghrp seemed fine from these places so i figure it is okay but........ im mainly gonna be using this if i decide to GW-501516 to help in my aid of fat burning im pinning three times a day ipamorelin and cjc no dac 100-150 (toggle doses) and im also maybe soon wanting to throw in another peptide that i may run with all this to build a lil muscle as well but nothing to expensive im a broke college student here and something that may last for a lil longer than most peps if anything exists lol so what are my options here hmmmm
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