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    which peptides? confused
    ok so i was talking to my buddy in the gym and for weeks hes been telling me he is on this new gh prescribed from his dr. then today im tlking shop with him and i say i was looking at cjc1295 and sermorelin and he goes Thats IT! that wht he has me on, Sermrelin. he is loving it! so i start researching further, and from what i find , sermorelin is the shortest half life, Mod Grf1-29 is like 30 min , cjc1295 is like mod grf, and cjc1295dac is long lasting, like up to 7 days,
    so after i look into it some more, he says he only doses 2-300mcg a night, he just knows what the dr. tells him, so i guess im asking if anyone here can let me know which is best for the $$ vs. results, what would a good dose be and an avg prce range, all the sites have diff prices and then after further research some bros complain that the product was advtised as 1295 dac and it was just grf 1-29, any help would be greatly appreciated,


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    Mod-grf/cjc-1295 no DAC and ghrp2 will be the best bang for you buck. 100mcg of each 2-3 times per day is the standard dose. You could try 100mcg mod grf and 200mcg of ghrp-2 right before bed and see how that works out for you. Prices do vary a lot but I've found no difference in terms of effect so places like labpe or extreme are good enough.

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    180 mod grf / 250 ghrp 2. 3x ED. 100/100 is a total waste, does jack shit.

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    I highly rec this form RUI-products:
    IGF1LR3 for growth
    CJC 1295 or 1293 for GH boost
    GHRP-2 for GH boost

    you seem all over the place.
    Take your time and read, LOTS of great info on this forum.
    but ALOT to know and learn about peptides in my op

    good luck!

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    oh and if you use GHRP-2 and CJC:

    GHRP-2 100mcg 2-4X a day
    CJC 1293 (CJC w/o dac) 100mcg 2-4X a day
    for atleast 3-4 months.

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