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Peptide or PH

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    Default Peptide or PH
    About this time last year I got mentally and physically prepared to run H-Drol and Furuza-A. This year after doing research for the last 2 months I have heavily been considering trying a Peptide. There is just such little (reliable) information on them. I'm just really trying to sway myself away from the heavily liver toxic PH's. Peptides that I have been considering would be GHRP-6 or Hexarelin. Any personal info on user experiences would be greatly appreciated. If I don't go with a Peptide I will probably run Transform Lean Mass or Transform Extreme Mass.

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    You should probably run ghrp6 and mod grf. Gains in lbm or weight won't be nearly as good as with a ph though. Maybe in 6 months of peptide use you could achieve the gains from a ph cycle. But peps seem to have other benefits that a ph doesn't so there's many things to consider. You also need to inject yourself a few times per day and that could be a drawback. It also depends on what you are trying to achieve.

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    dont bother with peptides unless its 4.5 months + of use. otherwise they are a waste, not potent enough for quick gains,fatloss, etc etc

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