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Thymasin Beta 4

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    Default Thymasin Beta 4
    So, my first question is - does anyone have any good info on the subject of Thymasin Beta 4?

    Finding information on many of these more exotic peptides is difficult. Even dosing.

    I found out about this only because AB started carrying it. So, of course, if anyone got some of his stuff - I'd love to hear about it.

    Lastly, anyone know of any awesome sites that discuss peptides? That hopefully has minimal bro science?


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    Tb500 occures naturally in the body, I personally had to stop my run with it because it caused me to flush intensly . Im not actually sure if it was to blame maybe the purity wasnt the best because ive had similiar reactions to other peps like MT2 . but i also no that with good quality MT2 i didnt have as an adverse reaction so it could of been the quality . But ive seen a few logs people reporting good results .

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