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tren with sus?

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    tren with sus?
    Hello all,

    First off I will give my personal stats and my experience with weight lifting and training. I am 21 years old, weigh 175 pounds, 5.5% BF, and stand at 5'10". I have been training and lifting weights for about 7 years now. I would consider my self decently informative in the steroid world being that I have a few cycles under my belt and ran them all successfully with successful results.

    My first question is, for those gurus out there, does sus run well with tren? I originally was going to run my tren(e) with test(e), but then I entertained the thought of running it with sustanon. I know tren has a lot of side effects and is highly anabolic so I am only interested in running 200mg every week. I am looking to gain about as much LEAN mass as I can. I just finished a ten week test(e) masteron(e) cycle about 8 weeks ago. I will post pictures of after my cycle below. Also my diet is very clean around 60g of fat a day with 4k+ calories. I do eat FOOD. not much of a shake junkie..

    Here is my total cycle plan
    1-10 tren(e) 200mg every week
    1-10 sustanon 600mg every week
    1-10 caber dosage unsure
    1-10 exemestane dosage unsure
    10- clomid 100/100/50/50 eod
    10- nolva 40/40/20/20 eod

    what dose would you guys recommend running the aromasin and caber at?
    All suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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    Number one you're a bit too young. Number two youre a bit too young. Three first cycles should be test only. Number four you're too young. Number five test is test no matter what ester it is. Number six you're not ready for gear and should wait a few years as well as do some research.

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    Buddy if your smart about thie steroid world thingy, why is your post cycle therapy (pct) start the same week as tren e and sust..... they are long ester.... 2 you want to run your test 2 weeks longer than your tren.... SHould give ace a run before you run tren e...., think about it. i've ran tren before

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