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    test e support supps
    I am wanting to run a cycle of test e @ 600 a week with dbol kick start and maybe Anavar (var) last 4 weeks. i have hcg for during cycle and am wanting to run clomid+nolva a natty test and an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) for pct.. this will be my second cycle. Ran a test e + dbol first time but i had no form of estrogen blocker/inhibitor to combat puffy nipples and excess water weight first time.. didnt kill me but is something i definitely want to have this time around. I have read countless threads but everyone seems to say something different.. what is the best support supp to keep estrogen/puffy nips under control during cycle?

    Thanks for any advice

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    I know that I aromatese so I run 6.25mg aromasin through my cycle if that doesn't keep it under control I up it to 12.5 and so on play with it a bit try and find the sweet spot I end the Aromatase inhibitor (AI) with my last pin! I hope this was helpful!
    Good luck my friend!

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    Letro is the best i have ever used, swear by it., prenvention is better than cure

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