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    Default Albuterol Doses Recommendation
    hey guys, this will be my first cycle of albuterol....

    it is dosed at 6mg /1 mL
    I have taken clen before, felt no sides, no shakes. I took a very very small dose.

    Does this look okay?
    (183lb, 6", 15%BF)

    1- 0.5mL - 3mg
    2- 0.5mL
    3- 0.75mL
    4- 1.0mL - 6mg
    5- 1.0mL
    6- 1.25mL
    7- 1.25mL
    8- 1.50mL
    9- 1.50mL
    10- 2mL - 12mg
    11- 2mL
    12- 2mL
    13- 2.5mL - 15mg
    14- 2.5mL
    15- 2.5mL
    16- 2.0mL - 12mg
    17- 2.0mL
    18- 1.5mL
    19- 1.5mL
    20- 1.0mL - 6mg
    21- 1.0mL
    22- 1.0mL
    23- 1.0mL

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    I can't seem to recall ever seeing someone cycle albuterol like clen. Does it need to be?

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