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    Test E only cycle**dosing help
    Hey fellas, going to be starting my first cycle next month and was just want to make sure I get the dosage down. I want to ensure that I have everything lined out before I start. Still ordering the **** stuff and will make sure everything is on hand before first pin.

    Stats- 6'2, 205lbs @ 13%BF. Been training for 5 years and turn 26 in a few months. Diet is 100% in check, I've been counting macros for way too long now and training is super intense.

    cycle looks something like this

    Week 1-12:
    500mg Test E- 2 250mg pins (sun and wed)
    Liquidex- will use if estro side become apparent starting at .5 EOD and increasing if needed.
    Week 5-?:
    HCGenerate(not sure if I need but have heard good things) I hear to start around week 5 and run unt

    PCT- two weeks after last pin
    Week 14-16:
    Unleashed/Post cycle - as directed on bottle
    Forma Stanzol- 5 pumps twice daily
    DAA - as directed
    Clomid- 25,12.5,12.5,12.5 ??? This is the main one I am unsure about.

    Still unsure of the clomid dosing. I know to run it at a low dose and hear about tapering vs. non tapering. What do you folks suggest? Anything I am missing or need to add?

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    Your Test E dose is right on for a first cycle. What HCG dose do you plan on running? I ran it all through my cycle, 500mg sun/wed with my test E mon/thur.

    Have no experience with Unleashed, Forma Stanzol, or DAA. The standard clomid and nolvadex post cycle therapy (pct) works fine, starting with 100mg/40mg for a few days then dropping down to 50mg/20mg daily. You list only 2 weeks of post cycle therapy (pct). The general rule is 4 weeks. I went 6 weeks just to make sure since I had naturally low T before I even started the cycle.

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    Oops, that was a typo. I am running it 4 weeks. Daa is just a natural test booster and Forma is an Aromatase inhibitor (AI). I have heard that combo mixed with a low dose of clomid was a great post cycle therapy (pct). I am not a fan of nolva so I am going this route instead. I also don't see the point in running two serms.

    I will not be running any HCG. I am thinking about picking up HCGenerate during cycle but don't have actual HCG on hand.

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