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    Denkall Test400 first cycle
    Hello Everyone!

    This is my first post so I'll try to be as thorough as I can be. I'm just about to finish my first cycle of T400 and HGH Blue Tops.
    The T400 is made by Denkall, looks to be a Mexican variety, and consists of:
    T-Prop 25 mg
    T-E 188 mg
    T-Cyp 187 mg
    Vehiculo chp 1ml <---not sure what this is??

    My cycle looked like this:
    Week 1 T4 pinned twice 2 cc's each time and HGH 2 iu daily
    Week 2-6 T4 pinned once 1 cc and HGH still 2 iu daily
    Week 7-12 T4 pinned twice 1cc each time and HGH 2iu
    Week 1-12 Arimidex EOD
    *note at the end of week 7 I ran out of blue HGH and switched to grey top Niper's of which I increased to 4iu's/day.

    This coming Saturday will be my last T pin and I was going to begin my post cycle therapy (pct), clomid, 3 weeks after last pin. My original plan was to be off for 2-3 months and begin a new cycle.
    As far as how I've felt--I never got the raging hard-ons all the time, though I would say my libido went up slightly. I also never experienced those solid nights of sleep I've read so much about being on GH. I will say my strength has increased and size is increasing. I continue to have mid section bloating, more on some days, less on others.
    Everyone will ask for stats...
    20%+ bf

    Still 43...I thought GH was supposed to turn back the
    Still 6'...though I have noticed, I now walk through the gym a lot taller!!

    So here are a few questions. I ran into my source last night and told him where I'm at in my cycle. He explained to me that at our age we need to stay on T much like a testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) patient would year round.
    What is an approximate safe range (cc's) a person could stay on T year round? Example...would 2cc's/week with an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) be an acceptable amount or would you recommend cycling? If I continue on T at 2/week what could I add to help lower bf% and bloating? My diet is on point!!
    And btw, yes the T400 has been a MF'er to pin!! I pinned my glute every week alternating sides. Heated my T in the syringe prior...warmed the area...pinned SLOWLY with 23g...massaged for 10 mins afterwards, then again after 15 mins.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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    respectfully bro you made some poor choices from the test you ran to the hgh you purchased. Denakll does not exist andhas no for years so what you have at best is a counterfeit product and worst case just cooking oil. If the blue tops came from the same source then I know the source and his blue tops are crud. I suggest you immediately go to and order yourself a gh serum test.

    Inject 10iu of the blue tops wait 2 hrs then go into lab corp for the blood draw.

    If it is the source I am thinking of he will no longer honor gh serum tests as proof that his stuff is bunk and I wonder why

    sorry to bring you nothing but bad news brother

    I realize you had decent results but same may be hea dfrom hard training and diet. due to the resuls my bet is that your test was counterfeit but there was test in the bottle.

    avoid those ppl in the future boss

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    Zeek, thanks for the reply. I had heard that about Denkall, but only after I had got my gear and started. As far as the Blue tops, that was my first set of GH, I'm now on Grey top Niper's. Here's my question for you..I'm down to my last pin of T, which I'll do Saturday. Would you suggest ordering a Test and GH Serum that way I can confirm T validity? or just the GH Serum? I'm wondering if he had a stash leftover from when Denkall was up and running. As far as avoiding those ppl..this guy is the only person I'm certain is pining in my gym, which is why I approached him. Appreciate your insight!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeek View Post
    I suggest you immediately go to and order yourself a gh serum test.

    Thanks for the tip on privatemdlabs. com. From reading some other posts here on Ology, I was able to find a link for 15% discount on all tests. Went to LabCorp this morning and had labs drawn for two tests, the Female Ultimate Anti-Aging Panel and the Growth Hormone Panel. I'll post up the results when they come in a couple days. The good news is I had a checkup from my primary just prior to my cycle and know my starting numbers.

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