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    Coming to the end of my cycle need some advice.
    Been running test enth @ 500mg a week, jabbing mon-thurs, doing a total of 14 weeks and will start PCT 10 days after last jab, I have clomid here but should i take nolva with it? also I read so many times people saying use 100mg first day then 50mg for the rest of the 4 weeks, even seen one guy saying just run clomid @50mg ed for 3 weeks. Got a little confused how shall i run PCT.

    Also I have a bit of ball shrinkage going on! Will they go back normal when my natty test recovers? :-/
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    U have been on it for 14 weeks i would do 100mg for first 7 days then follow by 50 for 2 weeks u want to get ur natty test levels back up ide way rather the sides and be sure of it and ye add nolva or do nolva on its on 40/40/20/20 they are both serm's although act quite different and there are so many different opinions on doing nolva on its own or doing nolva/clomid....

    and your testicular atrophy can be restored by HCG blast it for 10 days after last injection and start pct day 14

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