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    Hi im getting a hold of depo-testosterone for testosterone replacement therapy. My bioavailabe and free testosterones were a pretty lower (total was norm).I have a 10-12 week supply depending on the dosage. My current plan is to go 200 mg every 2 weeks for 12 weeks along with Chrysin and Dim as Estrogen blockers. I'm a little unsure as to what I would use after the 12 weeks and how long id wait until next 12 week cycle. I was thinking to get a supply of Clomid which raises your serum levels to prevent any damage to my body after the 12 weeks for about a month or so. Any additions that you could think of or anything you see that could be altered as far as my plan goes. Am i missing anything, Should I use clomid afterwards? Some side facts bout me is that im 30 pounds over my ideal weight , but other than that im healthy , blood pressure is fine and all that. Also if anyone knows best way to get testosterone let me know, I dont have a steady income of testosterone, but i'm pretty sure i can figure out a way to get more.
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