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    Test E + Wini/Clen? Expectations
    Hey guys this is one of my first posts so bear w me but I'm gonna give it a shot.

    I wanted to do my second cycle, with this set up and training/diet regimen. Thoughts/criticism/changes/suggestions is what im looking for.

    22y/o 175lbs (13-14%bf) been lifting solidly for 4 years.
    Looking to run for 10 weeks
    Test E 325/week (weeks 1-10)
    Wini or Clen unsure yet 50mg/day (weeks 1-3 then 8-10)
    Nolva post cycle therapy (pct) - 4 weeks 40/40/20/20

    Training- M - chest shoulder tri, 12,10,8,6,12-15
    T-back, bi, 12,10,8,6,12-15
    W- quads,hams,calves, 12,10,8,6,12-15
    then repeat for twice a week for weeks 1-6

    followed by same routine just 5x5 rep scheme training instead of 12,10,etc,etc

    Diet somewhere in the 2500-2750 cal range, 150-200g protein daily for weeks 1-8.
    Dropping somewhere to 1800-2200 during weeks 8-10 to really lean and cut up. Still around 130-160g protein daily.

    Plan on taking multi, trib, bcaa's, liv detox, ED throughout as well
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    BUMP any help suggestions

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    Bro... I'm not the most knowledgable n i'm sure someone else will chime in, but a lot will say your too young(I'm not much older so wont bash for that) but first thing; why wini? that stuff is harsh and usually reserved for guys that are about to compete. Second and probably more important, wheres your AI? IMO drop the other compound and run the T at 500mg/week, maybe even extend out to 12 weeks since its a long ester n takes a bit for gains to kick in.

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    I get good gains from only 350 but most will say 500 of test. to each there own. deff drop the winnie though, my joints hurt just thinking about it. Why the clen? I personally think it's a waste I desensitize to it very quickly I like ECA better. How tall are you though 175 is pretty weaksauce unless you like 5'6 or something and I'd through in clomid for your pct too. just my 2sense though brotha

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