Today weighed in at 205, bf was at 10% still. So I am up 8-9 pounds and haven't gained any fat, I have upped my calories 200 more per day. Now I am up to 3700 calories per day. I feel great, I got really bad lower back pumps while running today, almost crippling. Haven't gotten any while lifting though.

So far all my lifts have gone up
Bench up 20, put up 305 a few times
Squat up 40, put up 415
Dead lifts are getting better knee doesn't hurt anymore, up 30, put up 385 will continue to add weight slowly as to not hurt my knee

I am very happy with my cycle so far, just looking to get my feet wet this time, and see how I react. Have not had any signs of gyno, haven't used my Aromatase inhibitor (AI) yet. No itchy or puffy nipples, no lumps etc. I did get a little scare earlier in the week, I nicked my nipple shaving and didn't notice it. I woke up the next morning and my nipple hurt and my stomach dropped a little lol. I looked at it and saw the little cut on it and obviously it wasn't gyno. Little to no water weight gained, no bloating. Tightening up a little bit, veins are popping up in more places.