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    I've done clen and ya ok but my true need is DNP. Sources for this great fat burner are limited (well good sources are limited). New 2all this and need direction to a good source. For the money you can't beat its resolute.

    I've got two web sites that I'm close to using but I'm unsure if I can post the names of these sites. I've been reading others post and see that they use the PM method to this approach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zomorodi View Post
    this is unbelievable....yet another dnp
    "logger" who mysteriously promises a report AFTER the post cycle week and then is never heard from again. its really freaky, on every thread on every forum there are so many dnp users who log their progress up until around there last dose, but then never follow up on there review after the supposed water retention is lost. have they all died or what? I'm being serious you cant find a full review on any forum to save your life, they all weirdly cease around the last couple doses
    It's because the massive weight loss takes a turn. Note the massive weight drop in the first week on this thread. Muscle and liver glycogen total about 1000 grams on an average person. When doing DNP that burns off until you reach Ketosis. But those 1000 grams are only part of it. For every gram of glycogen 3-4 grams of water are bonded to it and afe also dumped. So that initial 10 pound loss is really 7-8 pounds of glycogen/water and only 2-3 pounds of fat. Remember in the first week the average levels of DNP are at their lowest because of the 36 hour half life, ramping up and accumulation. That's why the weight loss slows down. No more glycogen to burns off.

    So one week after a DNP cycle most of the DNP is out of the system so the water weight comes back on. People add 6-8 pounds of water weight back from day 5-14 after the cycle. When that happens they vanish without explaining what happened. True fat loss ends up being half of what they though it was. A lower dose (200mg per day) and in the winter long term DNP cycle will give better results and keep you out of ketosis unless you go low carb.

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