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    12 week test 400 tren e (d-bol maybe)
    12 weeks test 400
    10 weeks tren e
    4 weeks dbol or 5 weeks prop
    I'm gonna start this cycle in about a week, it'll be my third. First was sust and deca, second test and tren e. I got great results from both. way more from the second. Might do prop instead of d-bol but still doing some research

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    All I am going to say is T400 is painful. I just started a test enanthate cycle and it's brutal, I'm trying to find something to cut it with ASAP.

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    I take T400 everyone says how brutal it is. I find it hurts yeah; I won't lie. But you can definitly work through the pain; It's such a good thick substance though. Premium haha.

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