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    hey whats up guys im about to start a high test cycle with tren acet. i plan on running the tren every day at 100 milgrams an shootin 2 full grams of test400 into 2 divided shots monday an thursday.this isnt my first cycle . i have been on an off for a year now doing 15 week cycles an takin 4 weeks off between. no long term or bad side effects or bad acne. im on a real strict diet eatin over 450 grams of protien an keepin my carbs around 100 an my fat intakeat a reasonable level im doing 4 sets of 6-8 reps per set 5 different excersises .my last cycle went well i stacked 1 gram of test e with a gram of equipoise gained 17 lean pounds an keep it all.i ran a clen an t3 stak wit test cyp aftter i ran out out of enthnate for 4 weeks an droped down from 16 pct bodyfat to 10.5.jus to see how a certain diet would work for me when i decide to start competing in a few strentgh levels are well i hit 465 on bench an squated 610 so im hopin my bench will be 500 by the end of the takin 2.5mgs of letrazel as wellto counter bloat an bitch tits . i plan to to run Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) in the middel of my cycle around weeks 8-10 an at the end of my clcle . i have been on hgh somatrophin for the past 4 months running 4 ius a day but recently bumped it up to 5 ius . i have 2 months left on the kit. what do you guys think about this stack.keep in mind i plan on being pro in 5 years so i dont plan on settling for small average gains. idid a blood work recently an im heathy as i possibly could be. i dont drink , an im on a strict high red meat diet i probally go through 10 lbs of 93 pct lean beef a week an 5lbs of lean grounded turkey. Any advice would be much appreciative . thanks guys
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