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    3rd cycle, 1st time EQ
    Hey Guys looking at starting my third cycle in a month or two. I have done 2 cycles previously, last cycle was a test only cycle, had good gains, and little/no side effects but found it hard to retain some size, so I want to throw perhaps a bit of EQ in there this time. What would you guys recommend as for a dosage, to be run with Test-E. btw i was looking to run this one for 12 weeks to get the full effect of the EQ, my last 2 cycles were 10 weeks.

    Cycle history-
    1st Cycle10 week cycle of test C at 400mgs./wk. and deca at 300 mgs./wk
    2nd CycleTest E 600mgs./wk 10wk

    25 y.o
    Training for 5 years

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    I would go 600mgs of test and 400-600mgs of EQ. I'm running a very similar cycle here in about 2 weeks. I'll be doing 15weeks to get better benefits from the EQ but 12 weeks will still be good. I would also kick start with dbol since the EQ takes so long to kick in or even tbol if your looking for leaner gains.

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