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    Sorry it took me some time, but I didn't have much to report really lately, but now that I'm pretty much finished PCT, I can let you all know how it's going..

    First and foremost, I felt flat and just all around beat as soon as I stopped my cycle. Strength decreased and I lost a bit of water weight. I didn't realize I was holding on to so much water while on cycle, even with the aromasin 12.5 ed. Anyhow, I spent my first 10 days @ 100mg clomid and finished off with 50mg/ed for the remainder. As I progressed through PCT, strength went up a little and I feel pretty big all around. My weight is hovering around the 190.0 mark which is fine with me at the moment. I'm hitting the gym hard constantly and taking in a good amount of protein consistently.

    All in all, I'm pleased with the cycle. People are noticing a different and I get compliments often. Hard work pays off.

    Can't wait to start my next cycle!

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    good to hear

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    Hey interesting read on your dear diary.

    I'm starting my first cycle, it goes like this,

    Week 1-4 30mg dbol. Everyday.
    weeks 1-12 test e, 500mg per week, split on 2 days of 250mg.

    clomid 100,100,50,50
    nolva 20,20,20,20

    Would you change or add or subtract anything????

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