whats up my bothers in iron? i am creating this online journal to share my progress from a workout and diet plan that i got from a very popular muscle/fitness mag. i wont be starting this workout plan for another month and a half but i just wanted to post up.

right now my stats are:
around 15%BF
6 years of lifting and 3 cycles under my belt. 2 unsucessfull bulk cycles and 1 good cut cycle.
if your wondering why both my bulk cycle failed then i'll tell you. my first bulk cycle i had a very high body fat which caused my gyno to act up so i discontinued it. the second bulk cycle was a repeat of the first minus the high body fat to begin with. i am just going to bulk up on short esters for now on because i ran test prop for 8 weeks and tren for 4weeks without any gyno problems.