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    GFD's Epistane+Dermacrine workout log
    Starting weight: 188lbs

    WEEK 1: 40mg Epistane™ (start at 20mg 1st day, move up to 40mg day 2)
    WEEK 2-4---40mg Epistane™ ED

    WEEK 5-7----PCT:
    EndoAmp (block cortisol)----2 servings wk 5-7
    Clomid -----------------------(25mg ED) wk 5-7
    Sustain Alpha-----------------5 pumps wk 5-7
    Toco-8-------------------------2 servings wk 5-7

    Week 1-4: 4 pumps per day

    (nolva, adex, letro AIFM on hand, may add .5mg adex ed or eod possibly up to 1mg during cycle if any sides occur) <--doubt i'll need it, but just in case.



    DAY 1: 8/19/08
    15 minutes warming up, doing low back/abs/rotator cuff
    Squats: 225x10, 275x8, 295x5x5
    Single Leg Squat:135x8x2
    Partner hamstring curls
    BW x10x8
    Squats were very easy. I will move the weights up next time.
    This is the heaviest i've ever done squats without a weight belt since my back injury.

    My plan is to work my squat up to a 405x3+reps but the end of this 4 weeks
    which would be a PR for me. I'd love to see 5 reps with it, but 3 would be a record, and that's what i want to see, A PR.

    I feel good. My mood is relaxed. Today I also took 3 amplify02 caps, the recommended dosage is 9 caps pre-workout. I pretty much like it because it has caffene and CEE. I don't take it often, usually only before a leg workout.

    I forgot to weight myself today, so i'll do it tomorrow AM. I was in meetings ALL day today, from 6:00am-8:30pm, with a break to eat and lift. I'm starting 2 new businesses, while maintaining and building my current business (a gym )

    DAY 2 8/20/08
    Hill Sprints

    DAY 3 8/21/08
    Bench 225x10, 245x5, 265x3 <---Easy stuff
    45 degree Inc DB 105x8 105x5 2 minute rest between

    Superset pulling 3 rounds
    Tbar row 2 plates/Lat pull down 100# x12 reps each 2 min rest

    Ab work superset 12 reps 2 rounds
    Knee ups
    60 degree Slant board

    Superset arms 2 rounds
    Dipsx25/Cable extx12/DB bi curl 40#x12

    Superset 15 reps 2 rounds
    Barbell shrug 225
    1 arm DB raise 17.5 lbs

    Superset 2 rounds 15 reps
    Machine Bi's/tri's/cable rear delt flys

    Felt good, this is a high volume workout for me. I did extra arm work because i normally don't do very much arm work. my bi's are a weak point.

    I did not use the wrist wraps on the bench. First time in a long time.
    I will work for 275x3 next heavy bench day, then add 5#'s per workout till i stop making progress, then change exercise.

    DAY 4 8/22
    Rest day

    DAY 5 8/23 Body Weight: 191 3/4 +3 3/4 lbs
    Reverse Lunges (i used this vibration platform, it was weird)
    Front Foot elevated
    BWx10, 35#KBx10x2sets
    KB front Squats
    2 35#KBx15
    Barbell Front Squat
    Cable Pull Throughs
    x15x12x10(full stack on last set)

    Slant Board Abs
    Cable Ab twists

    ***felt slight back pumps today. Maybe that means it's working, and im not drinking enough H20

    DAY 6 8/24
    NO DERMACRINE TODAY---I got sunburned yesterday
    Forearms-wrist roller
    abs-ab wheel, ab crunch, slant board, roman chair
    rotator cuff-light band work
    low back traction-keep my back in check, it's been feeling great, but i still track it at least 1x per week.

    very light stuff today, i'm happy that i've gained good weight in less than a week. i feel if i can eat a little more, i'll be able to gain 15 lbs for this 4 weeks. we'll see. bummed about my sunburn, but i'll put the Dermacrine on tomorrow no matter what.

    DAY 7
    Bench 275x3 <--went up nice

    Tbar row 2 plates x 8, 3 plates x 6, 4 plates x 4 3 plates x6

    DB row 100x10 110x10x2

    Upper back row machine 2 setsx15 reps
    Rear delt fly machine 2 sets x 15 reps

    DB side raises w/20's x 12 reps x 3 sets <--i do these really strict and slow, i can't go to heavy it bothers my shoulder.

    bi's/tri's, cable's DB's machines, supersets

    Fullcourt basketball. 2 games. Dominated both. first time i've played in a month, cuz i was sick and my grandpa died.

    U felt strong on my bench, it took me a solid 15 minutes extra warmup for my shoulder to get going. It felt great on the 275 though, i could have pushed 5 reps, i will go for 285x3 next week. I just don't like to struggle too much. Every other workout I like to struggle, but in between I like to use more Rep method type of training, or DE type of training. I just don't do well with missed reps.

    I like the dermacrine before workouts, its def. worth it for a pre-workout energizer.

    Epistane is doing its thing. I can feel the strength. It's not CRAZY strength, but it is seems to be working. I will base my final decision on the numbers if i set PR's by the end of the month, i'll know it worked.

    I'm mainly interested in my Strength. Honestly, i play too much basketball to gain THAT much weight. Being heavy beats my knees up when i play, so i'll be happy with being 200 lbs. The more i think about it, the less I want to be 215, that must be hell to play hoop at 6 foot 215.

    DAY 8

    DAY 9
    worked up to 335x5

    Split Snatch w/KB's x5 each side x 3 sets

    I spent a long time warming up.

    I am def. stronger.

    DAY 10***
    RM Bench: 225x13,7,8 total 28 reps (goal next RM bench is to beat 28 total reps)

    Tbar row/wide grip pull dwn 2 sets each super set
    cable row, close grip pull dwn 2 sets each super set

    BW dips x 30x3 super set w/ straight bar bi curls
    tri ext rope/bi curl machine/DB delt raise unilateral 3 rounds 15 reps each super set

    power shrugs 225x15 2 sets

    nailed a pro/carb shake right after lifting, then played basketball for 2 hours nailed another pro/carb shake... thats too much fucking hoop,. but i'm feeling good... i'm going to have to eat a TON tonight...

    going out of twn this weekend, back on Monday evening, i'll have access to gym while on trip, so i shouldn't miss workout.

    ***ADDED 5 pumps of sustain alpha in the AM..
    ***went up to 50 mg's of epistane.
    ***still on 5 pumps dermacrine pre-workout.

    DAY 11 friday, travel day, no workout
    DAY 12 Saturday, travel day, no workout

    DAY 13 Sunday
    no weight belt, plus i was tired,
    KB split snatch super set with GHR x 10 x 3 sets
    a little bit of basketball

    DAY 14 Monday labor day
    Bench 285x3
    triple superset
    DB row 110#/Tricep ext/delt side raise x12x12x15 3 sets
    Cable pull down/Tricep ext
    Bicep curls w/cable.

    I felt way more rested with this workout. happy i hit my 285 for 3, it was easy.

    NO DERMACRINE/sustain alpha ON MY TRIP DAY's 11-14

    DAY 15 AS of today im 194 lbs, happy i didnt' lose on my trip.
    No workout, no derm, no sustain, starting all that stuff back up tomorrow,
    the reason i didn't bring the derma and sustain is because they won't allow containers that big on the planes, and i didn't have anything smaller to put them in.
    everything is back on full throttle tomorrow.

    DAY 16back with derm/sust alpha
    superset GM 135#x15/hamstring curl x 15 2 sets
    i'll go for 385x3 next week... im happy about this.

    Did some hill sprints as well.
    194.5 as of 15 minutes ago.

    DAY 17
    Rep Bench
    225x14x8x8=30 <---beat last time by 2 reps

    1 arm db row 110#x 1 arm cable pull down/1 arm db lat raise x 12 reps each x 2 rounds

    Tbar row 2 plates x 15 BW Dips x 35,35,30 x 3 rounds

    A lot of bicep and tricep work, some rear delt cable flys...

    full court basketball.

    DAY 18
    rotator cuff

    DAY 19
    i think epistane gives me endurance, i haven't been doing hardly any cardio, but i have been getting less tired when i play basketball.

    DAY 20
    single leg KB squat x15x3
    KB swings x 15x2
    Low Back Ext +#4band x 10x4

    would have gone for 375x3, but had no trustworthy spotter at the gym today... fucking pussy's.. its not like i was going for a 500 lb squat, but the guy I asked said he's not comfortable spotting that much weight... I need to take my workouts to golds venice so I can be the weakest guy there and have more motivation to get stronger.

    DAY 21 monday sept 8th
    60mg epistane
    forearms / abs

    DAY 22 doing 80mg epistane today

    T-bar rows
    4 plates x5
    4 plates + 25# x 3
    4 plates x 5

    Inc DB press 45 degree

    Pull ups various grips

    Band resisted Dips 1 #1 band x 20, two #1 bands x 20 superset with 50#Barbell curl x 20

    Suspeded KB dips (35# kb suspended from neck by #4 band) x 12,10,8 superset with 50# barbell curl x 15x15x12

    DB lateral raise 25#x15 seated DB cleans 12.5# x15 x 2 rounds

    Cable biceps/triceps

    DAY 23
    ran hills
    -i don't feel more endurance on each sprint, but i do feel i recover faster in between sprints. and that I can do more total volume. I am pretty heavy right now, so i don't think my speed is going to be faster, but its nice to be able to recover faster.

    i wish i had done 80mg from the start. 40 is not enough imo. I'm doing 80 to finish the cycle.

    DAY 24
    KB swings 60# x 15/hamstring curlx15
    single arm KB swings 60# x8 each arm/Hamstring curlx15 <--two rounds

    nice to have 4 plates back on there. I'll go for 3 next time.

    DAY 25
    RM bench
    225x16x9x8=33 +3 over last RM day
    16 reps=PR 33 total reps=PR

    Pull ups:
    Grip 1 BWx15x3
    Grip 2 BWx10x12x10

    DB inc press 110x8 only did 1 set, but the bench wore my pressing out, so i didn't do any more

    DB row 110 x12x3

    Tbar row 2 platesx15 3 platesx12x2

    #4 band Tri press downs failure
    superset w/Single arm DB 30#x12 raise 3 rounds

    DAY 26
    forearms, biceps, traps

    DAY 27--rest 199lbs<--PR
    DAY 28--rest
    I'll probably finish this week and then go to pct... couple more days, but i'm actually feeling a bit lethargic.

    DAY 29
    315x2 PR
    finally doubled 315, very happy about that.

    DAY 30

    single leg leg press, leg ext, lunges
    trying to bring up my quads, they are a weak point for me

    I had back pumps like crazy today, took a while to work them out. I got to make sure I keep chugging water.

    Feeling good energy again. Going to cut the volume of my lifting down a bit.

    DAY 31
    Benched, hit 315x2 again then did some reverse band benching,
    did a bunch of work with band resistance, tbar rows, band bi's band tri's, suspended KB dips (KB suspended from neck with band).
    great fun workout.

    Glad to hit 315x2 again, i felt i could have gone for 3, but didn't really want to go ALL out since I did hit it the workout before last. I'll wait for full recovery before I go for 3 or 4 reps.

    DAY 32
    eat sleep

    DAY 33
    suspended weight squats- suspend weights from bands

    225# regular squats x 5x5 (working for speed and explosion)

    135# lunges x 12x2sets

    bulgarian squats band resisted x 10x3 sets

    Reactive band training, thrusts, sprint outs/forward/reverse lunge jumps, forward jumps
    (wrap bands around pwr rack, rap bands around shoulders then do explosive movements)

    today was about speed and explosion.

    did bike intervals later that night.

    DAY 34
    275x7,5,5,5,5 (7=pr)

    135# bench w/suspended KB's (30# each) x7x7x6
    superset with T-bar rows 3 plates x 15x15x15
    thats it for today, simple workout, pr's keep coming though.

    DAY 35

    DAY 36
    405x1x1 did not feel strong today, i was still not fully recovered from my last leg day.
    Single leg squat-135x8
    single leg squat-25# plates suspended from bar with bands x10x10x10
    partner hamstring curls x8x8x7
    going out of town thursday-sunday, trying to fit it all in this week.

    my energy level is great, i am feeling good though.

    DAY 37
    225x12x12x13=37 reps +4 from last Rep day, nice

    30 rep superset 2 rounds of:
    barbell shrug/rope face pull/machine row

    suspended KB dips

    tons of gay bi/tri work. real light high rep stuff

    front middle and rear delts on cable

    another PR=a good day, im eating like a horse.

    DAY 38, 39, 40, 41, 42
    out of town, no workouts

    DAY 42
    reverse band 225 x 5 reps x 15 sets, 15-20 seconds rest between sets

    split snatches 18# bar
    split snatches 30lb KB
    split snatch lunges 30lb kb
    split snatch lunge jumps 30lb kb

    Band sprints, forward reverse, hops, split hops, split switches

    hamstring curls

    DAY 43 rest

    DAY 44
    bench- 345x1 new PR... happy about this shit!!!!!!!!!!

    pull downx20 superset with t-bar row x 15 x 3 rounds

    kb suspended dips 50# kb x9x8x7

    bicep curls

    band resisted low back ext superset with band resisted slant board abs x 3 rounds

    band lateral raises, DB lateral raises, band front raises rear delt fly superset

    DB shoulder circles

    Band resisted Ab/Low Back supersets

    that is a huge PR for my bench.

    DAY 45

    DAY 46
    225x20x3 sets

    225+2 30# KB's suspended from bands x3x 3sets
    Band Resisted Spears, various band resisted sprints, jumps, split (lunge) jumps

    Band resisted Ab work

    DAY 47

    Inc DB-110#x8 105#x8

    cable Delt raises

    Dips- 45# KB suspended from #4 band x8x8x8 superset with #3 band tricep press downs

    Band Shrugsx20x4

    Explosive Band presses x 30x3

    DAY 48
    assisted pull ups x15x5 <--shoulder felt great so I did some regular pull ups
    Pull ups x10x10x10 full range, shoulder felt great!!! first time since last xmas that i've been able to do full range wide grip pull-ups.

    DB rows 105#x20x2

    Rear delt fly superset w/Machine Row x 20x15/x20x13/x20x12

    Various bicep work, DB, Barbells, Cable Bar, single arm cable, reverse grip, light weights, very little rest, 30-45 seconds between sets.

    DAY 49
    Did squats, should have rested, was too tired, 315 felt rough

    did some single leg squats 3 sets of 8 w/135 then left.

    what a stupid day
    DAY 50

    DAY 51


    Inc DB
    Hammer Strength Incline press 1 plate x 30 reps

    DBrow 110#'s x 20x2

    Bicep curl 70#x6x2
    Tricep ext 150x6x2

    45# bicep curl x 30 x 2
    rope tri ext 35# x 30 x2

    DAY 52
    DAY 53
    1 hour of stretching. working on squat technique. My hips have gotten tighter since i've been getting stronger. So I'm going to spend more time with flexibility.
    DAY 54
    DAY 55
    Bench 360x1<--PR beats my goal by 10 pounds

    did some back and bi's and tri's as well.


    188lbs start
    205lbs finish

    Bench 325 start
    bench 360 finish

    I feel good about it
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    Welcome to the dermacrine family.

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    put in more information

    ps..august 18th was a Monday

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    great job on getting the log started.. I'll be watching this one closely!!

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    and post more pics of the girl in your avatar

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    Az: i'll get my weight and BF in there as soon as i can

    Per: I'll post more.

    J: thanks bro

    Thanks for following the log, i'm sure i'll need advice at some point

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    52 appears I have been gone for a while, WTF is Dermacrine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by adidamps2 View Post appears I have been gone for a while, WTF is Dermacrine?
    click the board sponsors add

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    +3 3/4 lbs as of 10 minutes ago

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    Nice progress.

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    Good to see the log.


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    thanks guys

    im looking forward to Primordial's pct

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    how ur body fat are you getting leaner? fuller muscle bellies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by goku_kakarot77 View Post
    how ur body fat are you getting leaner? fuller muscle bellies?
    i'll post before and after pics when i'm done.

    its too early for me to really tell, but it seems like i am noticing fuller muscles.

    right now the scale is the only thing I'm really for sure about.

    but i'll keep you guys posted on all the details.

    thanks for checking out the log

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    going to start adding in Sustain Alpha, to see if i can offset testicular atrophy. The atrophy is minor, i have not lost my sex drive at all, it's actually increased. But i want to see if the Sustain Alpha can do what Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) can do.

    Today was day 8, I am stronger. This is a great Legal cycle, i'll do it again.

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    your going to do the cycle for 30 days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GotEmAll View Post
    your going to do the cycle for 30 days?
    Original plan is 4 weeks, so that's 28 days...

    But am thinking of doing 6 weeks

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    Cool let me know how that Sustain Alpha is doing for you and that testicular atrophy. I just ordered a bottle of the Epistane thought I would see what it does.

    And if it is causing some atrophy I want to make sure I fight it , and if Sustain Alpha helps , I'll order some too.

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    DUDE, looks awesome. Nice AV lol.

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    Just got back into town last night.
    posting the last few days all at once.

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    Too bad a lot of these products can't be shipped north of the border

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    Great log GFD - (stupid) question - are all those products legal in the US? U order them online? great weight on the bench - props!

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    Dermacrine is from primordial performance, one of steroidology's board sponsors

    and epistane is easy to find online, just google it, and you'll find the best deals

    when you order from primordial performance you can enter sponsor10 and get 10***37; off their products.

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    [url=]Primordial Performance[/url]

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