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  1. Hey there

    Sorry for the late reply, I'm not posting much these days, kids are keeping plenty busy..
    Most women do experience bloating with var, as to how long after var do u lose the water weight really depends on the person.
    (I didn't really experience much bloating on var)
    How's you water intake ? make sure your drinking plenty of water.
    I four 6 weeks out I think u can still do another 2 weeks of var..
    Once u drop the water you should see a difference.

    Don't really know which fat burner to suggest, if your looking for appetite suppressor/energy boost then maybe ECA stack.

    How's the diet ?

    If we don't chat before your comp wish u ~~ The best of luck ~~

    take care
  2. Hey hun!! I hope you're well i havent been very active on here in a while! Started a new job I really need your advice as Im 6weeks out from my competition. Its been tough to lose weight (im on var and i have a stomach ulcer) i posted in the forum but nobodys looked at it as yet. Sorry for the impatience LOL but its my first competition and im stressed out (cortisol ). Should i stop my var now 6weeks out to allow my body to drop fat and water, or should i carry on abit longer? Also what could i use that wont be harsh on the tummy for fat burning? Lots of love <3
  3. Thanks girl
    U are too nice wiht me
    About training the calves, I have never trained them everyday, I do go extrmely high reps & really burn them, I work them 2 X a week.. They honestly hurt so bad that I don't think I could work them more than that.
    I have also read that u can work them everyday & still have them grow, I have in the past worked them everyother day..
    I think genetics more than anything play a role in how our calves are.
    Hope everything is well with u
    Take care~
  4. Yeah I can see that you are a nurturer, helping people and advising them. Kind of like a Mrs.suPerwoman LOL people who dont take your advise dnt want to better themselves!!! Im ok, I just went on acne medication for my skin and one of the sides is fatigue so you can imagine how tired i am! I heard that training you calves everyday can make them grow??? Whats your opinion on this??
  5. Awww, you are really sweet girl
    You know, I really like helping others, I've always been this way.. but yes, some people won't listen, and some laugh at u & might even think your crazy.. I get that all the time, lol
    But you try & educate them & hope they apply your advise & if they don't oh well ..u move
    I still have a lot to learn myself, everyday is an opportunity to learn something new, right ?
    How's everything with u ? how are those calves coming along ?
  6. Hi suPerwoman Hows things? Ive just noticed something, and it must be frustrating for you, but when people ask the same questions about fat burning its usually the same response from you- diet. LOL God bless your soul for being so patient with all of us!!!hahhahahaahaha and im sorry! but alot of these people are not eating aswell as they say they are!!
  7. haha...I'm a brunnette too... and btw
    "Blondes don't have more fun" LOL
    Glad to hear you are getting good results, best of luck on your journey
  8. haha! NOOO Mrs.P that is it not me Im a brunette, and not yet as blessed as she is. and thank you for the advice! Its been 5days and im dropping bf quite well already. <3
  9. Yeap, carb cycling is for me the most efficient diet to cut..
    Is that u on your profile pic ? if so looking good

    Please feel free to message me if u have other questions.
    Have a good one
  10. aaaw thanks so much for ll the help! Ive decided to carb cycle and see how that goes especially since i have yet to try it. I have some clen here laying around but ill stick with an appetite suppresant and if im REALLY stuck ill use the clen! Hope your weekend was good too!!! <3
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