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  1. Well my appetite is sky high right now, have lots going on and my weight has crept up a touch.. But I'll force it down again once this busy patch is over. I have 2 kids and love love love them! glad to hear you and your boyfriend are back on
  2. LOL i love that confidence aaaawww man, being a mom is no joke. Think youre so used to looking in top shape that being in this situation maybe drives you to want to train harder? Just relax no pressure. And you probably are losing weight... How many kids do you have? Im getting on ok my boyfriend and i got back together so i got some seratonin back in my blood
  3. Jlo ain't got nuttin' on me lol!!! Well it's hard and getting harder. My guy is so strong willed and is determined to keep me awake 24/7 I swear I haven't slept since last August! But stupidly I'm still training on complete exhaustion which causes me to eat more...never ending cycle of over eating lately (even though I'm told I'm still losing weight I still feel a bit poo ) But, it will get better and my kids overall are the sweetest. So how are you getting on?
  4. Hey JLo how have you been? Sorry ive been MIA so busy and i wanted to reply to the post. Thank you for all your advice i do take it all to heart. Hows the juggling of training, mommying, wifeing etc going? and the fatigue?
  5. Too funny I accept my big ole butt, it ain't going nowhere!!!! My husband loves it, could even take it bigger perish the thought!

    You deserve the compliment you do look good. We never look as good as we really are, so remember that.
  6. AAAAh we could never appreciates our moms until we experience what its like i guess hang in there soldier! Just keep taking those vitamins and dont tell me u bore me with details, if you need inspiration or to vent you have a whole community here in the womens forum by the way... you get ass and then you get ASS- and all men love the latter embrace it jiggle it. p.s that compliment mde my day!!!
  7. Looking good girl
  8. Hey! Thanks for dropping by on me Energy is low still, my son still wakes at night and I have to settle him, plus early mornings etc - I won't bore you with the details lol! Well there's ass and then there's ASS! I'm the latter at the moment
  9. Hello just popped in to say i checked out ur pix and i feel like im slacking! 6months after giving birth and you are a serious hottie. Hope energy is up now <3 p.s i pick up in ass and thighs too, rather there then anywhere else right
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