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Conversation Between Mr. Humdiddly and Mrs P

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  1. There will always be Creepy critters !! They just have automatic weapons now ! LOL
  2. ok.. Here he is ..............
  3. Are u sure ???? There will be consequences, you know how creepy the Squirrel is !
  4. I hear ya, but as you know Pinga being DADAWG'S mimime, & you being his Fan club president, I say you both team up & start banning people
  5. I'll start posting more... Talking about other boards doing this..I've heard the same thing from Pinga, you both think
  6. no, I was j/k.. I just don't see many Threads were my input could be usable...I've noticed a bunch of new accounts posting weird ass threads lately thou.
  7. The creepy squirrel is hibernating... is winter in Squirrel town... I've been busy lately, & haven't seen any good threads worthy of the creepy squirrel yet... but don't worry I have a few good gifs
  8. oh man !! I can't belive I typed WM... well u know what I meant.. and Yeah..Pinga is my WM..(Maybe I should suggest that new screen name for
  9. Thanxs .. I love WM
  10. Thanks Humdiddly,
    It was a mess yesterday with the name changes, Glad is all back to normal now..
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