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  1. Hey Mr P! Been a long time! How's you and the family? I haven't heard from Mrs P, hope she's ok. Get her to drop me a line
  2. Hey Girl,

    Doing good thanks
    Hope your all doing good as well
  3. How you doing
  4. Thanks ! Hope u guys had a great weekend & hope you are all doing well.
  5. Hey P! Just saying hi and wishing you and your beautiful wife a happy Sunday. (and your girls too!)
  6. well he is a strong little man hope you have a great night and take care
  7. Hey! At home in bed about to go to sleep. Zero sleep last night because my boy stayed up screaming his heart out until 5am, I sent Mrs P an email at that time lol! But I shall be more active around here soon
  8. were you at??
  9. wishing you & your family a wonderful weekend too
  10. Hey! Wishing you guys a smashing weekend
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