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First cycle ideas

  1. SwellingUp
    some will recomend not stacking gear for first timers but you can miss out on maintaining some your gains by not incorperating synergystic sups atleast thats what i hear any opinions?
  2. chickenwing
    The reason for that bro is to see how your body reacts to aas. Everyone reacts different. It is best to do first cycle test only
  3. bigdaddyC
    Agree... Test only, test e or c for beginners, make sure you have an AL on hand and proper PCT
  4. Body brick
    Body brick
    I just got some gear from my source and it BD tren 25 ml 100 mg and test p 200mg 25 ml. It has a hologram on the top of bottle does anyone know if its real or fake?
  5. Body brick
    Body brick
    It's red writing and was made in 2010 exp 2016
  6. Body brick
    Body brick
    Hey big daddy know anything on this subject
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