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What juice do you want

  1. bobbyroket
    kyle you say you want juice. where you work out how old are you you got money. you wanna play you got to pay
  2. batz
    im new to taking winnie.but i dont feel no do i know i actually got the rite stuff? should i be looking at something stronger like EQUIPOSE or stack..i dont want to gain water..just ripped and cut up with greater strength and stammana..any help would be appreated
  3. Jdubbs1980
    I have had some androstat st which i believe to be considered winn. I have read anything under 20mg is not going to produce much difference. Most recommend 20-30 mgs some of the heavier hitters do 50 or .5 cc. WHATEVER YOU DO< DO WHAT IS COMFORTABLE FOR YOU. maybe gradually.
  4. miguelc
    trying to get H to heal faster from knee and shoulder surgery
  5. Jp1221
    Im trying to find a good site or something reliable to connect through. if anyone has answer get to me through my personal e-mail
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