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  1. beatngyou27
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    Im Chris
    im 27yo and have been working out since high school with no gains. im sure it had alot to do with my fast metabolism. i weighed 130lbs @ 6'1 so i was pretty damn skinny but shredded to hell. I have done 4 cycles so far of just straight test (cypionate) @ 500mg a week for 10 weeks. im currently looking to try stacking deca w/test and see how that goes. i currently weigh 180 with less the 10% body fat.

    Arms: 16in
    waist: 34
    4arms: 12.5

    I know my legs are small but im limited to certain movements and weight from a Military Injury.
  2. lordstevet
    Im steve I just started working out again. I have had gains in the past. But its nothing like being on the right cycle. I am 6'4" 258 lbs. And about 15% body fat. I am taking this cycle 3 to 4 c's aweek of ses and mixing it with enentanate. And I will be taking 80mg of anavar for 8 weeks. I also will take clomed and Igf 1 when I come off. This will be my 3rd cycle. But the first time doing it this way. Any info would help. Because I have never took a cycle like this.
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