Ok guys posted this thread on a mercedes forum but traffic there isn't busy like it is here so I'm hoping I can get an answer sooner. I'll make this easy, this was my post:

Ok I am in dying need of rims if you didn't see my last thread. Clueless on mechanics. Love cars though haha

I believe the rims are an ASA versions of the c55amg rims and if so from my research, the set up is as follows.

5-Bolt Pattern
Bolt Pattern: 5x112
Diameter: 17 inches (yes these are 17 not the 18)
Front: 30 ET
Rear: 34 ET

My 06 c230 stock runs are as follows if I'm correct:
Bolt pattern: 5x12
Diameter 17"
Front: 36ET
Rear: 34ET

Correct me if I'm wrong on those that's just why I saw on some threads here for those cars.

Would these fit with out spacers? I'm supposed to meet him tomorrow I check them out and don't want to make the drive if it won't work out.

I'm almost positive those are the specs on the c55. Then again his are aftermarket ASA wheels and 17"s opposed to the real c55 18"s so maybe specs are different. But just incase, what you guys think?

Thanks in advance!