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    Listen to your Elders
    So I lift with the "breakfast club" the 5am crack of dawn crew. Mainly people that actually train are in the gym at this time.

    So I was benching, and lately I have been at a plateau. So I was being good and training other lifts and mixing up high reps to see if I could get it a bit higher. Everything is going up by my bench.

    Well this old guy early 60's still in shape and a good size on him. Turn out he is an ex cop who does body guard work. Comes up to me all nice and says.

    " I have been watching you lifting that same weight for like a month, I hope you don't mind but I want to make a suggestion. You have the bar to high on your chest, you aren't getting your chest in there, you are using mostly your shoulders. Strip the weight and practice every day with just the bar for a week and slowly bring the weight up next week. Sorry just wanted to help you out. Hopefully you don't mind"

    Now normally I would be like step back bitch and leave me alone, but this dude looked like he had alot of time under his belt with those friggn super dense I have been lifting for 50 years muscles. So I figured what the hell.

    And shit he was right, started passing my plateu and getting some major pumps.

    So just wanted to say sometimes it aint bad to listen to another guy at the gym.

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    good point!

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    good for you

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    Glad you learned something.

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    nice post man, them old dogs know there shit.

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    Great post man

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