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    Cant Feel Glute Injection Pain at all..
    Hey Guys.

    I have been doing Glute Injections for the passed 4weeks, Anyway I decided to change it and do a quad today.. so i went on spot injections and did a Quad injection in my Vatus lateralis Half way between my Knee and the my hip..

    Anyway, When i injected it, it was hard to break the skin, it hurt like shit
    I could feel the Pin in my muscle, infact i could feel it 100% inside my muscle
    (Stupidly i tensed my leg and it did prove it was in my muscle)

    Problem is, my Glute doesn't feel like this.. When i inject into my glute i can inject the gear in quicker because of the absorbtion rate, but i cant feel it in my muscle like i did with my Quad.
    Glute is almost painless and cant feel a thing and i can tense my Glute and it still doesn't feel like its in there.

    I'm Just wondering if this is normal?
    My Quad is a Virgin Muscle.

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    Yes it could be because it's a virgin muscle...

    I do mine on the upper thigh just a little to the outside of the thigh.

    I can put my thumb on my hip and right about the end of my middle finger (pointing down) is where I inject.

    I've never had a problem here - even the very first time.

    I do four pins a week here - two on each thigh - and just alter several inches within this area.

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