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(Sports, sports and nothing but sports. This forum is obviously for the sports lover. Talk Football, Baseball, Hockey, Wrestling, whatever. Hows your favorite team doing? Who's gonna win it this year?)

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    Matt Millen is back for 2004 Lions?
    WHY ? He must be kissing some serious ass. My opionion is hes the no 1 problem for Detroits record . He should have been left in SAN FRANCISCO. He is bad blood for the Lions. Just my opinoin. P.S. i never really did like the 49ers.

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    im not a millen supporter, at all
    but, he has done some good
    i mean, we drafted the best player in the 6th round a year back (chris cash) those kind of diamonds are hard to come by
    he had to restructure the team from cap hell, and they will be serious contenders quite soon

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    He was a helluva linebacker for the Raiders....GM...i think not.

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    Keep him on at GM so he won't go back to being the worst colour guy in broadcasting.

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