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(Sports, sports and nothing but sports. This forum is obviously for the sports lover. Talk Football, Baseball, Hockey, Wrestling, whatever. Hows your favorite team doing? Who's gonna win it this year?)

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The wings

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    The wings
    The redwings kick the sh.. out of the Boston Bruins in preseason could it be that the wings are going to be damn good this year or does Boston just suck yea i know its preseason but w/ Bostons new goalie Potvin in net the wings clobbered them 9-0 wait a minute whats that smell oh i smell the cup. IN DETROIT! Just having a little fun Boston fans!!! Mad Dawg!!!!!! Time Will Tell...

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    They're pissed about Sergei...that and the Bruins might suck

    Hey is anyone doing a fantasy hockey league? Just wondering.

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    D-Town is the shit. Sergay is a big loss though, but they can manage through it with their 1905729307926790243760326 other superstars.

    Who saw that Yzerman game winner with like 1.4 seconds left a few games ago?

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