It's not just you that wants to last longer sexually, your woman wants you to as well. Far to many women are not getting orgasms because their man cannot last long enough in bed. The outcome is that your woman may well decide that enough is enough and turn to another man for her pleasure.

Here are two tips on how to last longer sexually.

1. The first way to avoid premature ejaculation is to train yourself to be able to control when you ejaculate. It's dead simple but not instant so don't expect results for at least 2 weeks. The technique is kegel exercises, these simple exercises make your PC muscle stronger and when it is at full power you can control when you orgasm. The best thing about kegels is that you can even do the exercises in public and only you will know.
2. The second way to last longer sexually is to cheat and wear a delaying patch or use a delay condom. The second option is ideal if you already use condoms for sex because the only difference that she will notice is the extra ten minutes that you last. The patch is also good because it helps you to last longer sexually while at the same time being easy to hide on your body.

Both of those will help you avoid premature ejaculation but I find that if I forget my pleasure and concentrate on hers that I seem to last longer sexually without even trying to.