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(Forum for members to discuss dieting information)

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    Default diet help help!for a dwarf sized lad:)
    hiya 21 male 5,5 160lbs

    hiya i need help on my diet,ive already done one cycle of sus250 and gained about 8lbs,which aint a gr8 achievement but i still gained,im not on gear at the moment but was thinknin about going on one in a month or so,i did post in the normal forum about cycle help and they gave me great advice in saying something i was doing wrong,because of my small size gain, i was either not getting enough sleep which i no is true,and my eatin is not set,i do try and eat 3500-4000 cals per day,but i struggle,its not the ideal foods,i just eat anything that cums.


    morning--cereal,2 coffees with 6 sugars

    midmorning--2 yogurts,cheese and pickle snack-crisps-banana

    lunch--sausgaue roll,2 yogurts,crisps,choc bar,

    dinner-whey gain-2 potatos with butter-then a macdonalds normally a mcflurry,large cola and 2 cheese burgers if i can fit em in

    then gym-whey protein shake-maybe cheese n tomato cob

    evenin-try n fit a quich or a macaroni cheese down me with a coffee

    bed--normally snack on yogurts,bananas chocl8,cola and crisps

    need help on what i should be eating,or at my weight if it really matters that much,i dont drink really anywater all day,is it vital?i dont want to start a cycle as soon as i thought after talking to the other forum,they have made me think and i wanna do it big problem is i carnt eat that much of a big plate,if i see it n start eating i get full easy but when im snackin i can eat all the time hense the junk food,its either all mental or i really have got a really small belly or its both,if any1 is willin to say what i should have every morning,mid morning lunch and dinner and have it set i would very much appriciate it because i really dont no,sorry if that sounds lazy,im not just wanna get it proper sorted and not snack out

    sorry for the essay i really am

    hope use can help

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    The Bulking Primer - Lean Mass Outline & Sample Diet

    and yes water is vital. try to consume at least 1 gallon daily (4 quarts)

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