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Ala / Cutting

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    Default Ala / Cutting
    I have been using ala for a while now . I started cutting a few months ago and I have had a much harder time losing weight than ever before. I have been lifting 3x a week and doing cardio 5x a week for several years now. I have been using the same few diets to cut that I have used for the last 3-4 years when I need to drop down. Most of the time in the past I could lose 3 pounds a week and have 2 cheat meals. On this cutter I have had trouble dropping any weight at all even without cheating. When I do cheat I gain 6-7 pounds from one meal of Lasagna and salad. I dropped the ala 8 days ago and I have dropped 4 pounds. I got stressed and ate an entire lasagna pizza at Pizza Hut 2 days ago without the ala and I only went up 1/2 a pound. I had been stuck at 243.5 for 13 days before I dropped the ala. Has anyone else had an experience like this with using ala?

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    no, I usually have the exact opposite. You should be careful to use fatfolds and tape measure rather than the scale, ALA can be a cell volumizer which is a good thing but you may store more glycogen in your muscles which may affect your weight.

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