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    makign my own weight gianer
    i was gonna make my own weight gainer using protien customizer because i wanna put on a lot of lean weight when i am on my dbol and test cycle. but i want to use their slow digesting carbs such as brown rice and stuff and didnt know how to set up the ratios and what protiens to use.

    please dont say make your own weight gianer because this isnt convient for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by simpllyhuge
    i was gonna make my own weight gainer

    please dont say make your own weight gianer because this isnt convient for me.

    I don't understand. You say that you want to make your own weight gainer but then say that you don't because it wouldn't be convenient. Which is it?

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    I don't even know what the question is.

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    i'm with ***** on this, u make no sense... you say you want to make your own and then you say u don't want to make your own cause it's not convenient... you gotta make up your mind bro... convenience isn't always the issue either, it's whether u want great gains or not.. do what's best for you

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    He makes sense. He was gonna make his own at home, but then decided to get a custom blend at protein factory.

    As for suggestions, I don't know.

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