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(Forum for members to discuss dieting information)

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    Default Help with a diet. (Anything but Adkins)
    Ok Im on cycle right now and trying to cut some BF. tried the adkins for 4 days and could not handle it. I didnt have any energy at all. Before the adkins this is what an average day looked like.
    Breakfast- 1 piece sausage,2 eggs, 1 biscuit,1 piece of toast, orange juice

    Lunch- Cheeseburger, LTM, Fries, Coke (not every day just an average day)

    snack- protein shake, peanutbutter sandwich

    Supper- 3 fish fillets, baked potatoe, 2-3 biscuits

    Im sure the Adkins works, because Ive lost some weight in 4 days, but it is not good for me because I have to run in a week, and on this diet I cant hardly walk.(tired) And its killing my workouts. Any help appreciated

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    I think just dropping all of the biscuits out of that diet and replacing them with veggies would be a huge improvement.

    What's an LTM?

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