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    Finally bought a food scale
    After 15yrs of bodybuilding and guessing on what amount of protein, carbs and cals that I am eating. I finally decided to get a scale, because I'm going to be bulking soon and want a general idea on how much food I'm taking in.

    I'm about to eat some chicken and pasta, and never really thought about how much protein I was eating when I eat my chicken. I couldnt believe that when I weighed two pieces of boneless chicken breat how much protein was actually in there. The weight was 14oz and that pretty much came out to about 90g protein, which I thought was alot from the little amount of chicken that I weighed.

    And yes I know all I had to do was look at the package and it tells me everything but it's alot different when you weigh it and see how much protein it really has. And it makes it alot easier to see that it really isnt that hard to get the right about of protein you need in ED. I'm going to be shooting for 450g's ED, since I want to eat double my body weight in grams of protein. Now that I look at it, it shouldn't be hard knows how much I'm actually eating and with the protein supplements it shouldn't be to much of a problem.

    14oz chicken and 6oz pasta is over 1,000cals ,126g carbs and 110g protein. Ok I have to go back and play with my new toy.


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    how much did this cost, and where do you find the values for the weight to figure out protien, etc?

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    i had a similar awakening when i first got my scale; i had been "snacking" on sugar/fat free frozen yogurt...thought i was only getting 100 cals since i measured out an approximate serving size. WRONG, i was getting over 350cals when i measured it on the scale!! it was only when i bought a scale that i began dieting properly; also saves you money by not wasting and eating extra protein that your body can't absorb anyway. oh, and i got my digital scale from walmart for $18.99!

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    i gotta get me one of those

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    It is amazing what actual so called portion sizes amount to. I am lucky in the fact that I run a restaurant, and we weigh everything. However our portion sizes are huge, so I tend to modify everything. It is nice to be the boss. Also if you are looking for ounce scales at good prices, check out your local restaurant supply stores.


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    Question eyeballing portion's
    hi all this is my first thread, so please forgive me if i do not follow proper instructions. my question was about portion sizes and possibly an easy way to determine what is what. I am curently in college, therefore the food is poorly made and unhealthy, however they recently started putting the nutrional facts alongside the food. many of the serving sizes are in ounces rather than for a whole peice or what have you.... im trying to cut which means i would like to count all of my calories, fats, carbs etc. . . any suggestions or idea's on how to see what is what?

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