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Need diet help

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    Need diet help
    I'm 17 and I wrestle year round, I'm on the mat maybe 4 times a week. I wrestle at 195 on the varsity level and I'm about 5'11. Off the season I'm about 20%bf and during the season I'm about 10-12%\-. I weigh about 207 right now and I try to work out every day or so. I've only been lifting seriously since I've been able to drive which is about a year and a few months now. I've noticed results as i used to weigh a steady 220. My lifts are up definitely considering I would onl lift when I had to which was during varsity practices. I'm extremely fit for my weight, I do the muddier races and spartan 10k race with ease. I don't look like I'm 20% bf either.

    I'm starting this thread lookig for helP on my diet. I work a very physical job for a security integration company, throwing ladders, constantly using tools and sweating perfusely. I need help on my diet.

    I try I eat as healthy as I can but sometimes im on the run, job site to job site and I just can't get what I want. My meals aren't the same everyday as I try to stray away from repetition. It usually goes something like this:

    Breakfast- Brownsugar oatmeal with toast OR 3 egg whites and toast, and a shake( peanut butter, milk, protein, flax seeds, banana, and ice)

    Snack 1 , usually terky jerky, or planters trail mix(fruit and nut)

    Lunch- usually egg salad, very little mayo, on whole wheat with a banana and or an apple

    Snack 2 , finish off snack 1 bc I don't have time to get another

    POST, immediately I'll have a protein shake with a banana sometimes I'll try for some grilled chicken :/

    Dinner, usually a meat of somesort, pork, steak, ground beef, Im part Asian so I have rice pretty much every night and my sodium intake is kind of high because of it

    I need help tweaking it so I can lift successfully on a good meal plan. I'll post what I eat today so it'll be realistic with carbs fat etc.

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    post your macros up with the diet so we know how much youre eating as well as the foods youre eating

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    You need to cut out some of the sugar in your diet along with some of the high sodium foods.

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    yea post up your macros

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    Post how much protein/carbs/fat your taking in every day on average. If you don't know these %'s, get an app to track your diet, there's a bunch out there, they'll track this info for you giving you more insight into what you're actually getting. Then this board can help.

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