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    Training everything twice a week diet
    Ok guys right now I'm consuming about 4,000 calories a day (450p/360c/90f) and am training everything once a week and I am on a cycle of just Test and this is a lean bulk. Well I want to start training everything twice a week, 3 days on 1 off, legs, arms in the AMand back in the PM, then Wednesday arms in the AM shoulders in the PM, 1 day off then repeat. Well I just don't know how much to consume. Should I take in an extra 1000 calories or 1500? Please help me out if you guys can thank you.

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    best way to gauge ur caloric needs is, check it out . pleasure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diced View Post
    best way to gauge ur caloric needs is, check it out . pleasure
    that app really comes in handy

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    Weigh yourself regularly, take photos of yourself every couple of weeks, monitor progress in the mirror, and keep track of strength progression on the big lifts. You'll know you're not eating enough if weight gain or strength progression stalls. With that in mind, I wouldn't increase calories even as you increase exercise volume until you see scale weight increases slow down, IMO.

    As a side note, why are you eating so much protein?

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