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    Need your opinion on my diet, 3j.
    Hello fellow ology members! The reason I have made this thread is because I am starting to worry that I'm gaining too fast which is adding unnecessary fat. *I have gone from 5"8, 152lbs up to 171lbs. What worries me is that my vascularity and roadmap veins I had before, arent very prominent compared to the first couple weeks. It's week 4 of my test e(500mg ew) and dbol(1-4 wks @50mg). Before I get bashed for my weight, keep in mind I recently lost weight and busted my ass doing it (went from 28%bf down to 14%)being I have to deal with low testosterone and adrenal fatigue. I honestly don't want to be on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) being I'm only 22 which is why I decided to start a cycle(so far, so good!sex drive makes me feel youthful again!). So anyway, do you guys think it's the water weight or fat gain? Here's my diet as I'm sure most of you will ask.
    Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal gluten free(360 cals) mixed with carb masters yogurt (60 cals) and egg whites with 1 whole egg(200 cals)*
    Meal 2: 2 cans of tuna with 1 cup brown rice(350 cals)
    Meal 3 preworkout: 1/2 cup oatmeal(190 cals) and 2 ezekial English muffins(160 cals) 1/2 cup blueberries(100 cals)
    Post workout: 2 scoops whey in water(180 cals) and 2 bananas(150 cals)
    30 mins post workout meal: 6 pieces of breadless chicken tenders and 1 cup brown rice (roughly 5-600 cals)
    Meal 6: pistachios and 4 chicken bread less tenders( roughly 430 cals)
    Before bed: 2 cans of tuna plain( 200 cals)
    There's what my meals look like on training days. Keep in mind I train 5-6 days for an hour in a half- 2 hours max a week and eat more on those days. My off days I lower the carbs definately but increase the protein. I used to be pretty big even though I carried a little more than I would have like of bodyfat, but I got the results from this( ate white rice rather than brown rice though and had cheat days a lot). My body can handle the workouts good as well due to the fact that I don't feel sore or get great workouts if I workout less then an hour in a half. No cheat days anymore either. All of you that take the time to help me, I appreciate it!
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