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    Fitness Comp training
    I begin the first stage of my Fitness comp training this week. My Trainer and I will be working out together in preparation for her first competition and I may be doing it with her in Nov.

    I will be posting a breakdown of my training routine along with my Diet later this week.

    Any one else doing any fitness comp training?
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    with fitness modeling/compeiting diet is really REALLY important . i mean it is with all aspects but to get aesthetics ur diet needs to b on key .

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    Weightlifting and bodybuilding fields are not anymore exclusive for men. Women engage in this type of competition as well. In fact, female bodybuilders and world-class athletes especially those who compete in the Olympic Games follow certain women's fitness competition diet to get them on the go all the time. miami Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) diet

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    Awesome Smilee...good to see you posting!

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    Weight lifting and weight training areas are not any longer unique for men. Females practice this type of competitors as well. In fact, women muscle builders and world-class sportsmen especially those who contend in the Olympic Activities adhere to certain females physical fitness and health competitors diet to get them on the go all the time.
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