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    165grams of chicken - what to do with it
    okay I need some help. I currently eat two meals of chicken breasts and one meal of tinned tuna (as well as other) as part of my daily diet. I am cutting.

    When calculating my daily macros, I have allowed for one teaspoon of oil.

    Now here it is. I dont mind boiled or steam chicken so what do you guys do with it?

    I am the type of dieter that will just get it down my neck and deal with it, but I am just wondering if I can actually make it tasty

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    Baked chicken holds it's juices in really well. Tastes awesome. Very tender. But that's just me. I baked my frozen at 375 for 60 minutes. Oh yes.

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    I bake mine as well and sprinkle it with either Garlic salt or dried italian dressing. just enough to flavor it. works well.

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    Slow cooker or grilled! I'm not a huge fan of baking, but I use my slow cooker a lot. Hubby grills as I'm an epic failure at grilling.

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