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    Arrow Cutting diet critique
    Can I please get some feedback on this cutting diet I plan to follow starting in a few weeks until mid summer?

    I am currently 6'0" and 235 lbs, ~18-19% bodyfat. My goal is to cut down to the 8-10% range by the end of summer. I was eating at 4200 cal/day to gain, and right now Im eating at maintenance for a few weeks.

    My base ********* calorie level was estimated at 2213 cals, with my activity at moderate/exercise 3-5 days/week its 3430.

    My workout routine is as follows:
    Mon: Legs/calves
    Tue: Chest/Bicep
    Wed: Day off
    Thu: Back/Bicep
    Fri: Shoulders/Abs
    Sat: Deadlift/shrugs
    Sun: Day off

    I am very consistent with this routine although if I skip sometimes (1 out of 4 times) saturday loses. I am currently doing no cardio but when I start cutting I will start out with ~30 min low intensity cardo for a few weeks and then do more high intensity stuff (HIIT, spin classes, cardio kickboxing, etc)

    I am planning to supplement with ECA, x-lean and fish oil.

    I will have one cheat meal on either friday or saturday.

    (meal plan in attached pic)
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    ur gonna have to write out that diet on the forum so i can critique it bud..
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    ok here goes. Thanks for checking it out, I really appreciate it

    Meal 1 7:30 AM
    6 Egg whites
    2 egg
    2T light mayo
    0.5 cup oatmeal
    1 T splenda jelly
    meal 1 total 477.4 cal 19.1 fat 38.98 carb 39.3 pro

    Meal 2 10:30 AM
    10.5oz homemade turkey chili
    0.5 oz almonds
    meal 2 total 355.9 cal 10.53 fat 23.5 carb 43.95 pro

    Meal 3 1:30 PM
    10.5oz homemade turkey chili
    0.5 oz almonds
    meal 3 total 355.9 cal 10.53 fat 23.5 carb 43.95 pro

    Meal 4 (preworkout ~3PM)
    2T Jif Peanut butter
    1 scoop whey in water
    meal 4 total 315 cal 17.5 fat 13 carb 28 pro

    Meal 5 (postworkout ~5PM)
    2 scoops cytosport muscle milk in water
    1 banana
    meal 5 total 455 cal 9.39 fat 45 carb 51.3 pro

    Meal 6 7:30 PM
    6oz lean steak
    3 oz broccoli
    3 c salad greens
    2T lite balsamic vinegar dressing
    meal 6 total 460.3 cal 20.86 fat 12.89 carb 55.26 pro

    Meal 7 10:00 PM (before bed)
    1 scoop cytosport casein in water
    1 scoop cytosport monster milk in water
    meal 7 total 325 cal 4.5 fat 11 carb 50 pro

    Day total: 2744.5 cal 92.41g fat 167.87g carb 311.76g pro
    calories: 831.69 fat cal 671.84 carb cal 1247.04 pro cal

    30.24% fat 24.42% carb 45.34% pro

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