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    who here likes see food? I love shell fish but not a lot of sea food.
    Seafood made simple. Free Seafood recipes and cooking tips.

    This happens to be a peace of work I wrote 2-3 years ago for My book Anabolic kitchen but some how this chapter got lost and never made its way into the book. I found it on my lap top the other day and figured why waste the hard work? Why not put it out there somewhere for people to see and enjoy. So I’m not going to alter it in anyway. I will just cut and paste it exactly as I wrote it years ago. Enjoy the seafood recipes and cooking tips guys. I hope this makes some ones life a little more simple and or exciting. Thanks

    Anabolic Aquarium.
    Turning the sea into on ocean of muscle

    Like many children growing up I hated sea food. I couldn’t even stand the smell of sea food when my father used to cook it. I even hated tuna fish. The thought of eating something so smelly made me want to vomit. Years passed and as I grew up I started to get used to eating some fish and even grew to love others sea food dishes. However still to this day I am not really what anyone would call “a sea food lover” I love shell fish, and some sea food dishes . Mostly fresh water fish as it tends not to have that strong ocean taste that some sea food dishes like shark, sword fish, and octopus will have. With some sea food dishes I have had to rely on the taste buds of others to perfect my recipes.

    It wasn’t until my stay in Italy that I really got serious about expanding my sea food recipes though. I remember taking my wife out to eat in Italy for the first time. Now mind you my wife hates all fish and the only kind of sea food she will eat is shell fish. Both of our thoughts on Italians main diets were about to change that day. We both fully expected to go to the first local restaurant and see hundreds of pasta , pizza and gnocchi recipes like all the Italian restaurants in America. “WOW” my wife says as she looks at the menu. “What the hell is this shit? “ she says. “ its fish honey” I tell her. “well what is that ?” She asks once more. “babe that’s baby squid” I say with frustration. Here let me just make it easy for you. “that’s backed shrimp, that’s fish, that’s fish , that right there is salad with fish, and that is fish soup. I think that’s bread but the rest of the menu is all seafood honey and non of its cooked the way you like”. My wife only likes it fried and fatty.
    We walked for hours all over Italy to 5 different restaurants And every menu was the same. Fish, fish, and more fish. Sea food of every kind shape and form. This was not turning out to be the Italy I had in mind. In the end we finely found the type of restaurant we were looking for. My wife had some lovely gnocchi calbrese and I had some pizza. I spent the next 4 years in Italy with all the fish lovers and was forced to cook fish, learn fish, and love fish whether I wanted to or not. Of course I made the best of it and my sea food recipes grew and grew

    you can go here to my blog and get the rest of the write up along with all the free recipes I have put in. I have been a chef for 13+ years now
    Seafood made simple. Free Seafood recipes and cooking tips. Need To Build Muscle Inc. Official Blog

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    Thanks needto! I love seafood, I am always looking for new ways to cook it too.

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    Its true, being that I am from Texas good fish is really hard to come by. Moving out to Hawaii really made me appreciate the goodness of the fish. Poke' Sushi, Ahi, calamari, the rawer the better. (The Kuhukoo shrimp is fantastic too.)

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    I love seafood... Your Swordfish lemon pepper recipe sounds really goodI usually make seafood at least once a week at home.

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    i looooove seafood

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    I turn red when I eat shellfish...but fin fish mmm love it, salmon being #1

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