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    Hello All,

    I have worked out off and on for a few years now, usually I will workout good for 6-8 months, get into a shape I am happy with and then quit. This of course leads to an ugly cycle of getting into shape, out of shape which I am tired of. Unfortunately life got very hectic and I have realized that I am in the worst shape I have ever been in. I am desperate to get back into shape and hope that a goal of getting there by next summer will be achievable.

    Well, that's my sob story I suppose, but I am here hoping to get some advice on a diet. Depending on who you talk to, a diet is more important than your exercising. I tend to believe this, but of course I am no expert. Here are my current stats:

    age: 25

    weight: 185

    height: 5'10

    bf: 17%

    goals: I am not trying to become huge by any means, what I would like is to have a more hard/cut look. I guess maybe 170 pounds with 8-10% BF?

    Current diet: Wow, this is hard, I have let myself go on a diet so bad that it is horrible. But here is what I can think of:

    Breakfast: 2 Eggs, 1 steak, 1 glass of OJ

    Lunch: Sandwich ( could be ham, peanut butter, just depends on what im in the mood for )

    Dinner: Usually just some fast food

    I will usually snack on something to, I have a HORRIBLE sweet tooth that I have already been working on, as well as cutting out soda. Those two factors I think alone will help me a quite a bit, at least I hope so.

    As you can see I really just need a brand new diet that I can follow. I am HORRIBLE with coming up with a good diet, the workout routine wont be an issue, but the diet...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I have read a few of the diet threads, and was just hoping for some personal suggestions, however if you feel there is a thread I should just read please just point me in the direction! Oh, and if you think there are any supplements I can take that would help helpful please let me know, I am always leery of diet supplements, so many out there promise so many things that its hard to trust any of them.

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    umm...your current diet sound in prolly tasty

    check out the thread i posted with my current diet. its pretty simple. my buddy gave it to me was his pre-contest diet the only thing i added was some fish.

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