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    Default Barley vs oatmeal?
    lately ive been gagging at the thought of oatmeal; been eating it so long that no matter what i add for flavor it tastes horrible. i ran across some literature that said barley is a good alternative to oatmeal, and it certainly seems so~ its got more fiber and tastes a lot like basmati rice. i've been eating it as my quality carb instead of oatmeal in the morning now; does anyone have any feedback on whether or not this is a good idea? im going to be dieting down soon, and i'd love to use barley in my diet- any suggestions?

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    Great idea. Barley is a superb carb source - very low GI. If you can, get Pearl Barley, as this is the lowest GI. I think in fact, it's a bit lower GI than oats even. Rye is another good alternative.

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    I've been using a mix that is Oats, Barley, Rye, and wheat. It's a good change of pace from regular boring oatmeal. Some naturual food stores have combinations like this. I get mine at Trader Joe's.


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    Pearled Barley is a very healthy source of slow carbs.

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